About us


How it started

It was the year 1990 when the best coffee shop in town, Enschede, was opened. The whole opening started with the idea of creating a nice meet-point place for young people to socialize. A dream became real, and 32 years after, we are the best coffeeshop in Enschede. People come to spend their free time with us, relax, hang out with friends, play games, watch matches, or work and study.

The reason of our success

For everyone, Café Mix means something else, but it is a PLACE TO BE for everyone. You can find at Mix everything that can not be found in other places- good service, quality, space, competitive prices, and always a good atmosphere. We were awarded as the best coffeeshop and customers are returning to us on a regular basis thanks to their satisfaction. 

What makes us unique

Café Mix has a very diverse environment. We have both employees and customers from different countries all around the world. This makes us a unique place with an intercultural and friendly atmosphere and it represents the meaning of our name, MIX. We are a mix of cultures and different people from the whole wide world. We believe that the beauty of the world is in mixing and respecting all people and cultures. Our logo is the planet Earth, the home of all of us and so is Café Mix, everyone is welcome. 

COME TO FIND US We are waiting for you

Email: cafemix.hr@gmail.com

Phone: +31 053 431 7806


Monday              10 am-12 am

Tuesday              10 am-12 am

Wednesday       10 am-12 am

Thursday            10 am-12 am

Friday                  10 am-12 am

Saturday             10 am-12 am

Sunday                10 am-12 am

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